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Liquid Piping Fundamentals



Just like KASA's "Pump Fundamentals" seminar, "Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals" is a two day piping training course which has been specifically designed for those engineers and higher level technicians who are either new to the area of piping systems or who want to formalise their on-the-job learning.  This piping seminar provides delegates with sufficient training to be able to size, specify and select piping for liquid applications as well as gain an appreciation for the selection of ancillary components such as valves and fittings.  Topics relating to the layout of piping and the drafting of piping drawings such as PFD's, P&ID's, isometrics and fabrication drawings are also presented so that each delegate will achieve a greater understanding of pipe drafting practice and the tips and traps associated with pipe layouts.

There are no mandatory pre-requisites required to attend this piping course.  However, piping design calculations and worked example problems such as wall thickness calculations, allowable working pressure calculations, head loss in pipe and fittings, water hammer calculations and pipe sizing for flow etc will be outlined during the piping training seminar so it is important that each delegate has a basic proficiency with engineering maths.  Certainly anyone with a diploma or degree in an engineering or science related field should be fine.  Higher level technicians from a trades-based background should also be well placed.

A PDF Flyer is available for download (by clicking the button above) which gives more detailed information.  However, in summary, the following piping training topics will be covered in this seminar:  Basic Hydraulics Theory; Friction Losses in Pipes & Fittings; Cavitation in Piping Systems; Water Hammer; Pipe Sizing Methods; Pipe Materials of Constructions; End Connections including flanges, mechanical couplings, screwed connections etc; An Introduction to AS 4041 and ASME B31.3 for Straight Pipe Design; An Introduction to Design Load Calculations (i.e. Stress Analysis); Thermal Expansion; Valves; Instruments; Wall thickness versus PN versus Schedule; Gaskets; Pipe Specifications; Design and Drafting and more.

From our previous experience, we have found that Graduate Engineers and Junior Engineers especially, gain maximum benefit by attending the "Pump Fundamentals" training course and the "Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals" Seminar either in the same week or within 12 months of each other.  These two pump and piping training courses provide foundation information which enables maximum benefit to be obtained from KASA's other pump courses and piping courses.

It should also be noted that this "Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals" training seminar is a recommended (but not mandatory) pre-requisite for KASA's "Gas Piping Systems Fundamentals" training course. Any material presented in this "Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals" course will not be included again in KASA's other piping courses.
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